Personalized Fragrance Blending Bar

Your party just got posh.

Wedding? Shower? Bachelorette shindig? Corporate event? You just discovered the perfect centerpiece for your celebration: our top-quality, natural, organic, personalized fragrance blending bar.

From the moment your guests approach the bar, they’ll be swept into an interactive experience as they explore our exclusive line of scents, each of which has been carefully selected to blend beautifully with the others. Each guest will create her very own signature scent–and take home a unique gift that immortalizes her personality in her perfume. (As host, you can even customize the label to commemorate your special event.)

How do I Host a Personalized Fragrance Blending Bar?

DIY Damsels:

If you’d rather set up the Blending Bar yourself, simply purchase the prepackaged DIY Blending Bar Kit. Each kit makes 20 fully personalized .33oz roll-on scents and contains detailed instructions (as well as helpful tips regarding how to setup a showstopping event).

DIY Kit Contents:
  • 12 fragrance oils
  • 12 tester oils
  • 150 tester strips
  • 20 roll-on bottles (.33 ml)
  • 20 customizable labels*
  • Personalized scent recipe card
  • Scent blending instructions

* Two lines of no more than 20 letters, please. Allow 14 days between your order and your party for printing.

Buy the DIY Kit for $250

Regal Ringleaders:

If you’d rather focus on your guests (and, perhaps, create your own personalized scent alongside them), one of our experts can come right to your venue to set up and facilitate the Blending Bar for you.

For your planning purposes: Specialists work in three-hour timeframes, which includes a two-hour staffed bar, sandwiched between half an hour each for setup and cleanup. If you need us for longer, no worries: Each additional hour is just an extra $30.

When we host your bar, we’ll will bring 15 scents along with us–not just the 10 that arrive with the DIY kit.

  • 10 – 20 guests: $20/person
  • Any additional guest after 20 people will be an additional $10/person


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