With today’s focus on a healthy lifestyle, we understand the importance of designing products with quality natural ingredients that do not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, alcohol’s and phthalates. We are committed to offering outstanding natural bath and body products that are formulated to nourish your skin. Each item is handcrafted to ensure the highest quality product designed uniquely for you and package in recycled bottles. Simply choose a product, create your signature scent, and customize your label.


Katie’s mode of transportation varies from one weekend to the next, as she takes tuk-tuks, chicken buses, camels, or elephants, to get to some of the most secluded places around the globe. For Katie, to experience the sights, sounds, and scents of different cultures, is what livin’s all about. Blissfully You fits into the picture perfectly, as Katie embraces the memories and emotion that come from Blissfully You’s unique fragrance and essential oils. Our scents are inspired from all over the world, and Katie is thrilled to be bringing these oils into people’s homes so they can have a little bit of Thailand, Brazil, France, or perhaps even some Hungary – a place that stirs some of Katie’s greatest memories as she volunteered there for 18 months, and speaks fluent Hungarian. But don’t let her seemingly bohemian lifestyle fool you, or the fact that she also loves working as an extra on Grey’s anatomy (I bet you’ve seen her!) She loves spending time with her two prize possessions; her husband Chris and her goldendoodle Gypsy Jane. Katie is also a Cum Laude double major graduate in Education with a master’s degree in media design and technology. She is thrilled to be sharing the fun and innovative natural and organic bath and body products that blissfully you offers. She loves that each person can create their own custom blend-of all things they love, of places visited, or scents remembered. Each fragrance is truly unique and touches a bit of the soul.